April 23, 2008


Blogger habits I don't like

Ganesh lists 10 bad habits of bloggers. Thankfully, yours truly is not guilty on any of those charges. Of those, "partial feed publishing" is the top one. If you are publishing partial feeds, you better be a media house or an exceptionally good writer. The only non-media house partial feed I read in last few months is that of Scott Adams. He reverted back to full post again. (Thanks, Scott.)

Here is my addition to Sagaro's list.

Nice list there. But I honestly don't agree with #3. One of India's top blog Amit Verma doesn't accept comments to his posts. Why? For the simple reason SPAM. He is open to discussions though. If you email him, he will reply back.

It makes sense to have comments and have a discussion on your opinions with your readers. But some want to say a lot of things, than clarify and argue and seek acceptance from people. A comment can just destroy your blog and I (using "I" is an integral part of blogging, because it is my opinion and not a fact that I wish to share with the world) learnt it the hard way. I started blogging about 4 years back. For the first 6 months I was the only reader of my blog. I was happy and I blogged everyday about... my life, my thought, my opinions and about that cheese cake that my girl friend got me which sucked big time. And then one fine day I got a comment. Boom! I had readers now. Then on, it has been a difficult ride for me to beat that urge down to write a post for the readers.

Yup! Even now, those first 6 months of my blog is what I really enjoy reading when I am bored and wanna look back on my life. The rest is all junk written for people whom I don't care about much. Neways, that is just my opinion and a long one at that.
Blog has the biggest advantage of having communication channel open both ways. Otherwise, it is very much like old media who don't want to hear from their audience.

I am fine with moderated comments, where the author reserves the right to publish or remove certain comments.

To cite an example, B. Rangan listed his favourite compositions of Rehmaan. It was interesting to see people voicing their opinion, pretty informed at that, on the same topic.

Email is a bad substitute for comment as it deems the conversation private and it is very high barrier. As in, the ease of posting comment is miles ahead of email.

Anyway, it's my view.

As for the top blog you mentioned, it's not my cup of chai. I don't read that.
i like the I's point. it's a very quirky want :)

mebbe I should do it, mebbe I shldn't. ahh well I have more I-s than you would like in this comment. :P
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