April 04, 2008


Expiry date for Tendulkar's career

Few weeks ago, I wrote why Sachin needs to quickly decide on retirement for it to be a dignified one. Looks like he has missed that opportunity and may be politely asked to vanish into oblivion. According to this news story, Pepsi is still undecided about the renewal of contract with Sachin which expires next month. And this is the same company which showed great alacrity in signing up young cricketers, whose age is closer to Sachin's cricketing career,. BCCI will not bite the bullet (drop him from the team), but advertisers seem to have given their verdict. While he may still be the one of the highest paid cricketer with IPL, that contract gets renewed every year. Next year, Mr Ambani may not be as enthusiastic about getting him in the team.

These are red herrings Sachin may be unprepared for.

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