April 14, 2008


Luxury of Number Portability

The ball is rolling for mobile number portability in India. Number Portability means subscribers can retain the number even if they switch the service provider. An independent company is being formed to handle portability.

The user (dis)satisfaction is more or less same across the telcos. With portability user will earn right to sulk for a new operator instead of current one. And probably it will cost them precious $$. can see a steady flow of users switching service and thereby making telcos richer. If this move was meant to give telcos incentive to try harder to retain existing subscriber by offering better service, sadly, I would say this well-intentioned move will fall flat.

I see this phenomenon spreading across all businesses. They try ultra-hard to acquire a customer. But, the same alacrity is completely missing when it comes to retaining the customer with excellent service.

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