April 14, 2008


"Self-indulgant outpourings"

"Now, everybody knows blogs are designated spaces for the self-indulgent outpourings of fevered minds..."

Thus wrote some journalist at Outlook.

Right, blogs are self-indulgent. But, what about your sweeping assertion without any logic, reason, facts or statistics? How uncool is that? If I read such trash on some blogs, I am OK with it. Nobody has hired them based on their writing skills and intelligence. They don't get paid for their writing. Their work is not reviewed by an editor. But in your case, Ms Anjali, we are paying to read your trash.

Your cover story calls IPL as "tamasha." You hate the smell of money associated with T20 and rue that the game has lost its soul. How about your own publication which takes out Cricket special every year? Or the fact that 90% of the time the only sport you cover is cricket? Don't the same questions apply to the media of which you are part of? Come off, the high pedestal guys!

As for the blogs, at least, nobody will be found dead writing about Facebook in 2008.


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