May 02, 2008


*222 : Customer care number for Reliance postpaid users

Minor utility post.

Reliance Mobile's customer care number *333 is simply not accessible from my cell. Neither is 3033-3333 (from Pune.) Finally 022-3033-3333 worked.

You will be greeted with the message that the new, supposedly exclusive, customer care number for postpaid users is *222.

Also, be prepared to receive the stock answer "Sorry, Sir/Ma'am. Our systems are under upgradation. Please call us after half an hour."


thanks yaar i had the same problem thanks for the help
Today was the first time that I had to ring Reliance Customer Care regarding my Billing query.

Not to mention about the Ridiculous and pathetic Phone Company i.e Reliance but I have to say.

I tried calling from different numbers-*222, *333, 3033 3333 but all my efforts and time went in vain.

I'm so disgusted with Reliance Telecommunication. I have never come across such a cheap and low profile company in my life.

I'm just expressing my dissatisfaction with the so called Customer Service Drama.

When we ring them, we are put on hold for more than 20 min. Then answer an unprofessional customer Service handler who doesn't know what I'm talking and then asks me to speak with the Post-Paid dept.

I would never in life again recommend Reliance to any of my friends or colleague.
i have same problem thanks for the help but all which are given for customer care are not balance has cut but i have not used and customer care no. is not working. i never recommend to any one to use reliance.
Hey, we are facing the same problem. Wud never ever recommend reliance to anyone in my life.
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