May 05, 2008


Amitabh vs Aamir

You expected Amitabh Bachchan vs Shah Rukh Khan, right? That's so old. Now, the two film icons have entered into the world of active blogging. Amitabh is learning the baby steps of blogging with the perennial favourite topic - media criticism. His enthusiasm is visible with the frequency of posts. Hope, it doesn't die down due to fatigue.

So, who wins my attention? Answer is Amitabh. His blog has RSS feed, though partial, which I am not very comfortable with. Aamir Khan's blog doesn't have an RSS feed. So much for excellence that Aamir stands for.

I am accepting the bets for predicting the next celeb-blogger. How about Mr Scindia, the young minister handling IT portfolio? Don't bet on any of the cricketers, who are on a 50-day tour of India playing matches at every halt. Nevertheless, Dhoni or Yuvraj may have a podcast which they can record while sitting on the side bench.

Links: Amitabh' Blog and Aamir's website... err.. blog.

i think amitabh's blog is being written by a ghost.
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