May 14, 2008


Careful about what you wish for?

The SMS rates are high in India. Very high actually. They charge Rs 1 for local SMS and Rs 2 for national SMS, which incidentally is how much it costs you to talk to that person for whole 60 seconds. I wished for new revolution which could bring down the SMS prices to earth. Well, there you have a step closer.

Reliance Mobile has launched two plans for postpaid subscribers. In a package called SMS Lite subscriber can send 100 SMSes (local + national) for Rs 25. The other grand offering being SMS Mega which gives 1000 SMSes for Rs 60. That's virtually unlimited. While I am happy to see these development, I am personally unaffected due to my age.

This is only a partial step as it is only for postpaid subscribers who probably account for 10-15% of all mobile users. Not sure if there is a similar plan for prepaid customers. The website does not contain any information about this plan.

I can already see Twitter addicts (via Vakow bridge) jumping with joy.

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