May 24, 2008


Innovative Menu Card

Recently, we visited a restaurant of Speciality group, whose flagship chain being Mainland China. Here is the photo of a page from their menu (apologies for lousy quality of the photo.)

Noticed anything unorthodox? The prices of the dishes are printed in words and not in numbers!

Many restaurants write only the name of dishes along with prices in the right column. Some of the fancy places write name of the dish, brief description and the price. Now, even if the place is fancy, price does play a role in making the choice for dishes. With listing prices in numbers, customer is prone to a cognitive bias called anchoring. We quickly decide what the "high", "low" and "reasonable" prices are. The right hand column helps you quickly eliminate the dishes which you think are outrageously priced, or the ones which are on the lower side (assumption being the potion will be too small.)

By eliminating the luxury of such quick scan, this restaurant forces customer to read the menu and order what they would like to have. Each dish does mention its price but customer can no longer figure out what prices are "low" or "high" as there is no anchoring.

Very Clever!

even i saw this recently.. at a place called Oh Calcullta. But I thought it was because bong fellows like reading..
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