May 07, 2008


Is Amitabh's blog ghost-written?

Sheece says, in a comment on my previous post, that Amitabh's blog is written by a ghost.

Amitabh has responded to such queries negatively and emphasized that the blog is written by him and only him. Given the sprinkling of some not-so-public information, it surely must be coming from the man himself. But given the rate of publishing posts (one entry per day) and the length (600-1000 words per post), it looks highly unlikely that he is writing the entire post on his mac. Now, I am not somebody with great flair for writing. So an average meaningful post takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Sometimes even more. Amitabh may possess natural ability to express his thoughts so well in writing. But, it is hard to believe that he puts his thoughts across in a lengthy piece in an impeccable manner, day in day out. And so much of effort is being put in arguing against the trash written in a tabloid. He surely has better things to do.

Well, I have reason to believe that blog is indeed written by ghost. Amitabh may have a conversation with writer to put across his ideas. The writer then goes about finding what trash is written by a nobody in a tabloid read by only people in the tinseltown and write a polished rebuttal of the same.

Asides, if anything, media which thrives on celeb gossip should be scared of this trend. With blogs, celebs don't need media. They can just redirect all the media people asking for an exclusive to their blogs. Aamit Khan no longer has to give 682 exclusive interviews and answer the most innovative question "How does it feel to wear two hats - of actor and director - for the same film?" with almost rattaoed, "When I am just an actor, I practice my scene and directly come on the stage. But, in this case, Aamir, the director has to understand the shot with all actors and technicians. Then play the actor role by wearing different hat. It's difficult, but enjoyable."

Imagine if these celebs record a small video of themselves talking about say current film, post few "raw" photos from the shoot on their blogs, they will make media redundant. Don't bet on if. Bet on when.

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It would be really interesting when politicians start to do this. :-)

But why would actors want to do it? I mean they love to come in mags, which has a much different kind of reach, think saloons, think railway stations, than blogs. If mags suffer, actors will.

Amit Upadhyay
Actors have got a new media - their own. The current symbiotic relation gets asymmetric with blogs. Media needs more of actors than the other way round. Media's job will reduce to just being the carrier of the stuff to souls who don't have access to internet.

I hope, with blogs, the "I was quoted out of the context" becomes a thing past.
i think it is going to throw up more opportunities than lessen old ones.

but yes it will happen, but if you want to put anyy thought on it, put it on how we can benefit from it.

It may create new opportunities, but the existing media won't be able to capitalize on them. The current media is drunk with power. They will go in denial mode for long time. They will find it difficult to come to the terms that celebs don't need media as desperately.

New players, who understand this will be benefitted.

Let's watch this space carefully. We may together start up when we smell an opportunity.
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