May 06, 2008


Lazy searching with Firefox

Many times, we know we are going to click the first search result on Google for the given query. If you are searching for IMDB page of Iron Man, simply put in "iron man imdb" will result into IMDB's movie page as first search result.

The typical steps for that are typing in address bar, hit enter, enter search query, press enter, wait 0.5 seconds for search result page and then click on the first link.

Minor optimizations in this can be done by entering search query in the Firefox search bar, which is next to the address bar. Also, you may argue that "I'm feeling lucky" is available if you are visiting Google's home page. But then, search is such reflex activity that you don't want to think while searching.

There is a neat thing called keyword bookmarking in Firefox. You can associate a keyword with a URL. Once a keyword is associated with URL, you can visit the URL by typing the keyword in address bar. A twist to this concept comes with ability to program this bookmark. Here is how you go about it.

1. Organize Bookmarks -> New Bookmark.
2. Enter title as Lucky (or whatever you want)
3. Paste this URL in Location * :
4. Give keyword as "lucky" without quotes.
5. You are done.

Now when you wish to perform "I'm Feeling Lucky" search, type in "lucky [your query]" in the address bar and you'll land up on the result page!

There I save a few minutes of your only life.

(Bhavin first taught me the keyword bookmarking trick. Thanks are due to him.)

* For the curious souls: Notice the %S in the search query. That's a variable which replaced by the parameters following the keyword while forming the actual URL.

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