May 14, 2008


OK, probably last post about Amitabh's blog

Few days ago, I wrote this (Yeah, quoting your own stuff is embarrassing)
Media which thrives on celeb gossip should be scared of this trend (of celebrity blogging). With blogs, celebs don't need media. They can just redirect all the media people asking for an exclusive to their blogs.
And just days later, I find myself reading my own mild prophecy. Today, Amitabh published his email interview with Times of India journalist on his blog. This puts media in double jeopardy. On one hand they have lost readers, a small percentage you may argue, of this interview in print. Also, now, journalist can't put the masala twists to make a catchy headline. People already know what he has said, or they can verify what he said.

He also posted some photos, I don't know if it was movie or an ad film, on his blog. These photos will never be seen anywhere else.

As somebody said, a small step for BigB, a giant leap for the industry.


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