May 13, 2008


Postpaid plan for Reliance Mobile

Minor utility post for Reliance Mobile customers.

If your monthly usage is Rs 700 or more, consider switching to MyRoaming 475 plan. This has rental of Rs 475. The call rates are Rs 0.50 per minute for local (landline & all mobile), long distance is Rs 1. You get Rs 250 worth of talktime (local+long distance) and Rs 250 worth roaming talktime.
Earlier my plan was Rs 299 rental, which had all calls charged at Rs 1 per minute and no free talktime. With this plan there is a potential saving of Rs 574 (500 local minutes at Rs 1 + 250 roaming - Rs 176 extra rental.)

Off-topic curious observation. Only for Reliance Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa are treated as single circle. For rest of the service providers, Maharashtra and Mumbai are separate circles thereby making users pay for roaming charges when the move in or out of Mumbai. I thought, with unified license, or otherwise, the definition of a "circle" has to be same across telcos. Anyway, for once, I am on the right side of the unfairness.


Reliance is cheater...
Falls billing...
Bad customer assistance...
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