July 02, 2008


Animation is the new Java

During (the heady days of) 1999-2000, the advertisements from software training institutes were big enough to justify their own supplements. A typical ad would boast you to teach "Java, VB, VC++, Redhat Linux, Oracle, ERP, SAP, MS-SQL, Networking!" Essentially, they used to pick the keywords from the weekly jobs supplement and use them in their ads. Then, of course, the meltdown happened and it was never the same again.

Last evening I noticed an ungodly increase in canvassing by animation training institutes. Buses, auto-rickshaws, bus stops, bill boards were all too conspicuous with ads of animation and visual effects training institutes. (This is in Pune.) Numbers from NASSCOM on the animation industry were routinely quoted. And so were references to bunch of hollywood films.

Are these all signs of animation becoming an industry as big as the ITES aka BPO?

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