August 12, 2008


Coincidences and few rants

First of all, I am not going to apologize for my hiatus as this blog is not a daily fix for none of the dozen of you and secondly, I consider it an exercise in hollow narcissism.

Have you heard about the movie "Amu"? It boasted Konkana Sen Sharma as leading lady. That was 2005, but Konkana was a big name in offbeat movies even then. Did you just read 2005? Why would somebody talk about a movie which is more than three-and-half year old? Well, here the chronology of events.

Amu is a film based on 1984 riots erupted after Indira Gandhi's assassination. I watched this film in January 2005 at Pune Film Festival. Some of the crew members present at screening told us that the censor board approved the film after using their shiny scissors at couple of places. The crew was seemingly upset with the cut. We could watch the original film as it was in a film festival. Frankly, since there was nothing provocative element in the film, nothing would have been missed with censor board showing its supremacy.

Then I waited for the film to release so that some of my friends could watch a good - not great, though - film about riots as backdrop. And the wait continued. And continued. The reason was fairly obvious to me.

And it's obviousness couldn't get any clearer. Yesterday Amu was released on DVD. Now, it is understandable that sometimes tiff between producer and director can delay the launch of DVD as it happened with Lagaan. But, in this case the director herself was the producer. The delay is just perplexing.

Now here is interesting piece of trivia.

Congress will not get hurt in the process as hardly 100-odd well-wishers of CPM and few movie buffs will spend Rs 300 for this. But, just like a Bhagat Singh movie raises your respect for the hero a notch, the bulldozer of Congress will get a minor dent.


While I am at movies, let me crib a little move. Jaane Tu... is on its way to become one of the largest hit of year, didn't had the "kinnng" kind of buzz around it. Many told me its a neat movie. Even Amitabh Bachchan thought was fresh film. My personal opinion is that the writer Abbas Tyrewala manages to keep the movie in the territory of silly while director Tyrewala was all set to push into stupid zone. [gratuitous advice] Tyrewala, please go back to writing. There aren't many like you around.

Read Baradwaj Rangan's article on Aamir Khan: The Creative Art of Compromise. I think Aamir Khan is one over-rated person in the film Industry. In an interview to Outlook in 2007, he said , "I genuinely feel the role of cinema is to entertain. A filmmaker is not meant to educate an audience."

4 months later and just before the release of Taare Zameen Par, he goes on "It's a race to get 99.9 per cent but what do we truly learn? Why is intelligence about reading, writing and math?... yada yada yada"

There is hypocrisy or some such word for this.

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