August 17, 2008


LinkedIn is huge!

This post is almost repetition of what I wrote four months back. Since then, LinkedIn has raised money at ten-digit valuation. Substantially lower than YouTube's price tag, but they are still in the game.

All the LinkedIn come to me in RSS Reader via a private feed. It is difficult not to notice the traffic on that feed. On an average there are 20+ items per day in that feed. Which means those many new connections or activities in my network on any given day. I'm no Robert Scoble and my network has barely 100 connections. Which means 20% of my connection are active on any given day. That is simply huge because LinkedIn is not a hangout joint like other fun social networks.

Given it is already so popular it needs the boost of platform-ization for it to sustain the growth. When it is open as platform, they can let thousands of ideas develop around the LinkedIn ecosystem. And few of those ideas will have the potential to be real money spinner. Let's see how they manage on this front.

BTW, apparently, I am user of LinkedIn since January, 2005.


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