September 13, 2008


Be scared. Very scared.

When the tele-marketeers call us to sell credit card, personal loan, insurance, financial planning, etc. the generic crib from us is invasion of privacy. We always wonder how this information comes to these people. And more importantly, where all our personal information is scattered.

Previously I have blogged about availability of journalists' email contacts. But it pales in comparison with recent spam peddling contact information. It offers name, address, email, mobile number of variety of groups. Sample this. They offer contact information of Demat account holders, mutual fund investors, credit card holders in various cities along with their credit limit, city-wise frequent fliers, professionals with income of Rs 10+ Lacs, high networth individuals, car owners, high-end car owners, etc.

This simply indicates the amount of lekage at the financial institutaions like banks, mutual funds, telecom companies, and other such supposedly trustworthy places. Are these organizations actively selling out our details? If not then, are they aware that some unscrupulous elements are having a field day with this sensitive data? What are they doing to plug such vast data leak? Are they taking any legal action when they find somebody indulging in such practices?

These are some hard questions which I don't think any organization is ready to answer.

Meanwhile, presume that all your contact detail along with other sensitive personal information is out there in public. It will take shock factor out whenever something unexpected happens.

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