September 09, 2008


News and Almighty

Some wise person has said something to the effect "Don't confuse news with the truth." And wise person, supposedly from media industry had pronounced that news has to be sensational.

The power of Google is almost obvious for everybody who has heard the word internet.

What happens when you mix these two? Here is the epitome. A not-so-popular news site published a six-year-old article about an airline filing for bankruptcy on their website mistakenly. Google swiftly and sincerely picked it up and published as headline. In matter of minutes, the stock fell by 75%. The price was depressed only for a few minutes. But that duration is sufficient for somebody to make a killing (and somebody to lose shirt.)

So, repeat after me. News is not the truth.

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Perhaps that could serve as a lesson that anyone can make a mistake and everything has to be double-checked.
this is insane, didn't expect that from Google ... tells u a lot of things even this that some ppl, or at least one person after hearing this story will try this kind of stunt deliberately now, try n get fake self serving articles in google search, news, blogsearch or whatever n then take advantage.

Google has made its stand clear on their blog. And, to top, Google News is generated automatically.

People need to be careful with all the information they get from various source, including Google.
yeah, but google bots can be fooled as this incident shows ... if you can get a page on diggs front page or delicious or any of the thousands of other sites that google trusts as a 'news source' then the google bots pick it up as news ... n big bloggers game these sites all the time, gaming google search results n news has been a known thing for a while though i doubt if you can actually get a 2003 news article to feature on the news page deliberately ... maybe it can be done
Gaming the system might be possible. Which happens in real life as well, where media gets constantly fooled by publicity hounds. Just goes on to show how much trust we should put in any news.
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