September 30, 2008


Policy Hypocrisy

Starting 2nd October 2008, smoking will be banned in public places. The health minister, who is very enthusiastic about ban on smoking, quoted that the cost of healthcare due to tobacco is higher than the revenue entire tobacco industry.

Here is a simple question. If Govt thinks so passionately about its anti-smoking stance, why doesn't it simply ban all the business activities related to tobacco? To start with they should ban tobacco farming. Shutting down a big company like ITC would be another good step given that they make 90% of their profits from tobacco products. Banning import of cigarettes is the next step. Our Left friends may not like that idea much since it means banning import of Cuban cigars.

There is one minor glitch in this whole shut-down-the-tobacco-business part. Govt loses a money spinner account. Every year, the govt increases the taxes on tobacco products and still you don't see morchas taken out in protest. Govt knows that very well.

So there are you are. Govt hates nicotine and still loves it for the money it brings in to the kitty.

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