September 03, 2008



Fanboi Alert: Yours truly is a huge fan of animation films.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Na Janm Ka Ho Bandhan
Jab Pyar Kare Koi To Dekhe Kewal Man

Well, that's what Wall-E is all about. She is iPod white, beautiful, young and super-powerful robot from an advanced space-station, Axiom. He is a rusted robot whose job is to collect waste on earth. But, he is gifted with an overdeveloped sense of curiosity to make his "life" meaningful. And he is 700 years older than her. How can they fall in love? Well, it just happens.

I have nothing new to say about the film which has not been said already. All I can say is Pixar has, once again, set the new gold standard for animation movies. I hope, Pixar/Disney gather enough courage and push for the Best Picture at Academy.

Go, get awestruck by the beauty of this film!

Photo Source: IMDB

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