November 28, 2008


Life with Reliance Netconnect

When Reliance NetConnect launches the splash screen shows a lady from corporate world (see her suit) using netconnect on her laptop. She also has got herself a nice drink (iced tea?) and some snacks packed. Initially, the impression one gets is she has taken a break from the corporate meetings and now enjoying videos on YouTube while sipping her drink.

But, when I started using netconnect, it dawned to me that the connectivity with data card is so poor that you get ample time between you clicking on your inbox and the first mail opening. You could easily finish your lunch and come back. Now, the last time I used the corny was joke was in the days of dialup internet from VSNL some 8-10 years ago. Netconnect reminds of those days.

Netconnect is in market for more than 2 years and they haven't really moved an inch to address this problem. It's difficult to go to a Reliance store and not see some customer not complaining about the poor connectivity with Netconnect. The sales guys meekly offer to note the complaint and try very hard not to look indifferent but fail.

And, some quick research showed that this problem is very much universal with other telcos as well.

Looks like, someone has taken a note of it. ICICI has launched a low bandwidth site specifically to address this problem. This should come across as hard slap in the face of telcos. And again, I must say, ICICI bank has impressed me.

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