November 11, 2008


Not too many rich people out there in India

iPhone has barely sold 4,000 (Ref pg 25. Via Pluggd) units in India since its launch in August. Is it the case that people don't want to splurge on such expensive devices? I don't think so.

My conjecture is people don't want to look stupid by buying an iPhone. Now, you may wonder, why would anybody look stupid by buying world's coolest mobile phone. The idea is, with iPhone you will be able to do supercool things like browse internet, view maps, take pictures and send it to all your friends on facebook within seconds. But, since there is no a fat 3G pipe for all these bandwidth-hungry apps, iPhone just remains a phone. Now, how is different from buying a defective piece which doesn't have 3G working? None, really. So, anybody who buys a defective piece will look like a fool.

I know, there are things that you can do with iPhone minus 3G, which you can't with other phones. But, in the promos, Apple boasts 3G and the apps as THE thing. If it's not on 3G, it's not an iPhone.

Well, there is another angle to it. The pricing of iphone itself makes it a product directed towards niche audience. Now in my opinion, out of all folks in t his niche audience, poeple whi really understand what an iphone is, and by what factor their coolness will beaugmented once they have it in their hands, have a distant cousin, uncle, onsite girlfriend/boyfriend, neighbour settled in US, or they themselves have visited/will visit the promised land. And no rewards for guessing its price there. So as they say in one adversiment,
"Wohi safedi, wohi jhaag, jab kam daamo mein mile, to koi ye kyun le! vo na le!"
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