November 01, 2008


Too much noise

The noise about current economic condition is almost unbearable. There is so much data flowing in that it is impossible to distill all the information to some fine wisdom. It's like the task of joining thousands of dots to make dinosaur. But unfortunately just the sheer volume of dots is so overwhelming that most experts can join only few dozen dots and proclaim it is a dog. To put in Taleb-esque way, there are just too many random events and trying to find a pattern in it can be, at best, a futile effort and at worst, downright dangerous. It's not a bad idea to watch less TV with a running ticker at the bottom of the screen or reading less of pink paper.


Yup, the reportage is nuts. It is literally everyone saying "boo" to each other till they go blue in the face. Just nuts how media has become this. If it ain't hysterical, it ain't media.

I'm reading Taleb after your repeated mentions of him. Interesting read, though he too can get cutesy with things when it suits him.
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