December 05, 2008


Few Questions

The Home Ministers at Central & State govt and CM have resigned taking "moral responsibility" of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai few days back. During last 5 years of UPA rule, India has become a playground for terrorists. In all these attacks, from North-East to Gujarat and from Kashmir to Bangalore, the number of casualties varied from less than 10 to more than 200 in the latest attack. But, the ministers resigned only after the recent incident. Few questions cross my mind. I am trying to find out the special thing about Mumbai attacks that the ministers have resigned for.

Is it based on the count of fatalities in an attack? Should it be 10, 20, 200? Why not 1?

Is it based on the count of fatalities in terror attacks till the date? (More than 700 have died in 20 major attacks during tenure of this govt.)

Is it because the attacks were targeted at places where the powers-that-be often visit? Surely they don't travel in local trains.

Is it because the innocent victims include foreign nationals?

Is it because the attacks grabbed headlines across the world?

Is it because the event was televised live across the world?

Is it because the leaders of World's Superpower have spoken about an incident in faraway country?

Few more questions.

How gruesome should the attacks be for President of the country to cut short her trip and return? Clearly, this one is not serious enough that President kept touring the South-East Asia during crisis.

Is the death of innocent due to terrorism any different from the death arising due to sheer negligence?

With 60 hours of non-stop coverage on media, why is the information content so less? On one of the evening during crisis, a TV editor held a group discussion with 6 people from different parts of the world and asked them a single question - "Where does this lead to?"

Why do people think that they are an expert, or at least more competent than the authorities, on India's security problems and offer solutions? Or is it the case that anger and rage have adverse impact on rational thinking?

Why do we call it "India's 9/11", when the termite of terrorism has infested the country since two decades?

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