December 06, 2008


Google Trends : Curious inconsistency

Google trends for websites is a good service if you wish to look for traffic estimate of a website. Interesting part is you can see traffic to a site from various geographies.

I observed some curious behaviour of the service.

Here is chart for's traffic from all over the world.

Here is chart for's traffic from India.

While traffic from India hovers between 2M to 3M visitors a day, for the world, the same number is closer to 1.4M. The traffic for the world needs to be at least as high as that from India. How can it possibly be lower?

The traffic stats for Wikipedia look consistent, though - 3M from US & Japan, 1M from India and so on.

Beats my tiny brain!


I think it's normalised against the total number of queries from that region. Should be there in the faq.
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