May 18, 2009


Congress needs to learn inclusiveness

The stunning victory of Congress in general elections has surprised everyone including those in Congress. As they have reached the required number comfortably, they are not being lenient with some their allies who switched the sides some time back. That mainly includes Lalu's RJD and Mulayam's SP.

Congress distanced itself from Samajwadi Party for more than 4 years in last term. But, when left withdrew the support, it was SP who came to the rescue of the Congress. How can Congress claim they have nothing to do with SP except when they need SP?

RJD's Lalu Yadav was a key facilitator of UPA govt. Just because the seat sharing agreement went kaput in Bihar and Congress happened to win everywhere else, doesn't mean they show him the door.

Pundits are claiming that the era of big national parties has arrived. I am quite skeptic of that conjencture. My reasons for skepticism? Nitish Kumar, Naveen Patnaik, Mayawati, Mamta Banerjee, Jayalalitha, Sharad Pawar.

Congress should be mild with the allies. 5 years is long enough for the tables to turn. And Indian voters have shown their ability to vote out the supposedly "performing" governments earlier.

And I would really really love to see what Mr Manmohan Singh will do in his next 100 days. Also, let's watch if BJP's zeal for black money continues to be at the same level in next 100 days.


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