May 29, 2010


Most-visited Websites from India according to Google Ad Planner

Google Ad Planner published the list global Top 1000 sites. I picked the Indian sites from the list. This original list does not have Yahoo India, Facebook/Orkut/Wikipedia/Live (from India), as they are counted under their global site. But you can get traffic for these sites from India with Google Ad Planner. The global rank assigned for these sites is what it would have been if they were included in the list independently. MSN India doesn't have enough traffic to make it to top 1000.

Google has excused itself from this "beauty-contest" list. So there are no numbers for, and Other category of exclusion is pr0n, that are included in Alexa's top Indian sites.

(Apologies for bad colour formatting. I am unable to paste the table from OpenOffice, cleanly. And blogger is horribly broken.)

Global Rank Site Unique Visitors / Month Page Views / Month
108 21 M 250 M
126 19 M 2.5 Billion
167 16 M 140 M
234 12 M 960 M
303 10 M 89 M
389 8.9 M 330 M
501 7.4 M 89M
578 6.2 M 160 M
763 5.1M 190 M
796 5 M 190 M

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May 24, 2010


Should you builld custom search for your site?

Google has just announced the revenue sharing structure for AdSense. I suppose, recent announcement from Apple about iAds and making the revenue sharing public forced Google to go public on this. After all, they are a huge proponents of "All Things Open." (tm)

According to the announcements, publishers get 68% of revenues for Adsense for Content. This number stands at 51% for Adsense for Search. Adsense for Search is the ads shown by Google when publishers use Google's custom search. Take a look at custom search on TechCrunch. (BTW, it seems, TechCrunch has silently dropped Yahoo BOSS that they had implemented one and half years back.)

Google keeps additional 17% when you use their search.

Now, if publishers is a big player (think TechCrunch), 17% revenue might translate to a meaningful number. These publishers can build a custom search with Lucene/Solr and use Google Adsense for Content on those pages to show ads.

Google custom search is trivial to implement compared to building and maintaining custom Lucene/Solr search. I don't have numbers at hand, but, few thousands dollars seem to be the tipping point where building custom search is a better idea. Just to put a concrete number, I would say, if revenues from Adsense for Search is in excess of $60,000 (per year), custom search is the way to go.

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