October 04, 2011


Dear Flipkart, Please disallow guest purchase for registered users

Flipkart has been / is one of my favourite shopping destination. My dozens of purchases with them have been smooth. Until I hit a block last week.

Flipkart allows anyone to buy without being a registered user of the site. This policy itself isn't at fault. If someone wishes to buy quickly, forcing that user to create account adds friction to the sale. So, that is fine.

Here is what happened with my account. A user placed order on Flipkart and provided my email address in the contact field. His order now appeared in my account. I sent a mail to Flipkart to remove that order from my account. Instead, Flipkart folks called up that user, and changed email address associated with my account to his email address. This effectively locked me out and my orders now were visible to him. Flipkart folks promised to fix this in "next two hours." I waited for a week and asked them to fix the problem. This time they fixed it within a few hours as against promise of one day.

I had asked them to fix this in an earlier mail as well and here I repeat it again. Please do not allow a guest purchase if the email address is already registered with you. If the email address is already registered, ask the user to login to the account.

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